J78 Smartwatch With Scrolling Knob- Series 5

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J78 Smartwatch With Scrolling Knob- Series 5

First time in india Change your own wallpaper anytime, anywhere

Have Great Originality
Ultra power consumption, temperature monitoring, crown button, Bluetooth music.

Coordinated menus constitute the radical interfaces
- Incremental Echodar, rotate the dial and menu at any time with the Crown button.

Temperature Check
- Accurate measurement of body temperature with contact temperature sensor, 24 hours to monitor your temperature

Look Bloat Call
- Built in loudspeaker and microphone for the watch, when the mobile phone makes a call, it is convenient and efficient to answer Bluetooth calls through the watch.

Address book
- The watch has a latent storage space, which can import 1000 mobile phone contacts and make calls at any time.

Bluetooth Music
- Clock Bluetooth music function can control the music playing of the phone while connecting them.

Intelligent Voice Control
- Watch has built in 5.0 Bluetooth Advance Chip, which can control mobile phones to play music and support Sari for making calls.

Heart rate estimate
- Immediately by applying bio-optical sensor it displays the heart rate of the watch, so that your physical condition can be monitored.

Various dials
- Built in a variety of dials, beautiful images from the phone gallery can be customized at any time

Game mode
- Hiking, running, running, swimming, elliptical, whether indoor or outdoor, sports mode is with your health every day.

Sleep monitor
- The clock, built into the movement sensor, automatically records your sleep data.

- Simultaneous display of incoming messages with mobile phone, SMS, WeChat, QQ and other distracting social software messages.

J78 Smartwatch With Scrolling Knob- Series 5

Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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