Frequently Asked Questions:

If you are not very familiar with the working of this service, please check the FAQ below. If your query is of an instant nature and differs from the set of queries, write to us at Support@hpbasket.com or call 7230006271 between 8 am and 8 am on all days including Sundays to get our immediate assistance. 


  • How do I register?
    You can register by clicking on the "Sign in" section on the top right corner on the home page. Please provide the required information in the form that appears and click submit. We will send a one-time password (OTP) to verify your mobile number. After verification, you can start shopping on Hpbasket.com.

    Do I have to register to shop on Hpbasket?

    Yes, you have to register before shopping with us. However, you can browse the website without registration. You must log in or register at checkout.

    Can I register multiple times using the same phone number / email ID?
    Each contact number and email address can only be associated with a Hpbasket account.

    Can I add more than one delivery address to an account?
    Yes, you can add multiple delivery addresses to your Hpbasket account. However, remember that all items placed in the same order can be delivered to only one address. If you want to deliver different products to different addresses, you have to place them as separate orders.

    Account / Login Related

    What is My Account?
    'My Account' is the section where you can see your personal information, order history, and shopping list.

    What is My Account?
    You can cancel your Order From My Orders before shipping